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Level Up Guild Congress 2014, Big Year-Ender Event

Level Up! Guild Congress is Level Up! Games' big year-ender event and last week I received an e-mail invite to the event.

Level Up Guild Congress 2014, Big Year-Ender Event

The event, Level Up! Guild Congress, is happening at SM North EDSA Annex on November 16, 2014. I believe it's open to everyone and the price of the entrance fee is online 100 pesos.

The event will have various games, contests and competitions. As well as, raffles and pick-a-prize events where everyone can win cool prizes.

This is a great event, not just for Level Up! Gamers but, for all Philippine gamers who play locally published games or online games.

Unfortunately, as much as I want to attend this amazing event, I can't because I need to work. The truth is, the amount I make blogging about games and creating youtube videos is not even enough to support a single person not alone a family.

Anyway, I may not be able to go to the even but I'm sure many of you can. If you're interested then here is the link to the Level Up! Guild Congress 2014 update,

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