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ArcheAge Against WTFast

ArcheAge is against WTFast.

A few days ago, I contacted Trion Worlds Customer Support and asked if WTFast is allowed in their games like ArcheAge, RIFT, etc.

It took Trion Worlds almost 10 days to reply to my question and the reply was not very positive.

The reply didn't mention WTFast directly but, in general, Trion Worlds highly recommends against the use of any VPN services.

The reply also said that Trion Worlds does take actions against players that use Third Party Programs which is what WTFast is.

So, based on the reply that I got from Trion Worlds, I don't think I will be using WTFast in ArcheAge anymore.

Anyway, WTFast is still an awesome program just don't use it in ArcheAge.

You can learn more about it by checking out this link,

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