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Wakfu Asia PvP, Guard Your Nation Or Fight For Riktus?

Wakfu Asia PvP is here and it's a massive war between nations. Will you fight for your nation and defend it as a Guard or will you rebel against your nation and fight for the Riktus Clan? The choice is yours but whatever you choose, it will still lead to PvP.

The new PvP update centers around combat or battles between nations. Players will have to be at least level 38 to participate in PvP and will have to choose to be a Guard or a Riktus Rebel.

The video below is the trailer for Wakfu Asia PvP.

If you are a Wakfu Asia player and wish to learn more about the new PvP system of Wakfu Asia then click on this link.

Below is a list of other features that are in this update:
  • Astrub Revamp: The village is transformed into a fortified city!
  • Arrival of the Riktus Bandits and New PvP Feature:  With a gameplay full of surprises and new rules of alliances.
  • Combat Rules Modifications: Speed / Lock / Dodge have received a makeover.
  • Mercenaries and Otomai Disciples Posts: Located in each region with contracts and quests helping you to progress.
  • "Easy" Dungeons: A new mode making it easier to do dungeons with only two Sidekicks.
  • Smoother Progression: A new evolution including an automatic gain of MP and AP at certain levels, new abilities and even a revamp of the character characteristics evolution system…
  • Items Modifications: Rebalancing, random generation of elements and the return of machines!
  • Sram class Revamp: New gameplay better suited to the class!
I've also created a YouTube video about the update and uploaded it to my YouTube channel to help spread the word about Wakfu Asia's new PvP content. Please help me get some views on it by watching it below.

Check out Wakfu Asia's official website to learn more about the game (

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