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The Aurora World PH, Real Money Trading, Exchange Gold To MCoins

Real Money Trading in multiplayer online games is somewhat not encouraged because of the many risks involved in it. Many gamers have been scammed by their fellow gamers of their real money through Real Money Trading.

 The Aurora World PH, Real Money Trading, Exchange Gold To MCoins

Surprisingly, some multiplayer online games like The Aurora World PH do encourage it because the feature is built right into it. The Aurora World PH has, what it calls, the MCoins Trade feature. This feature is like a built-in Currency Exchange where players can easily and freely buy and sell their in-game golds and MCoins.

This MCoins Trade feature is very similar to the Dilithium Exchange in Star Trek Online. In Star Trek Online, players are free to buy and sell Dilithium and Zen from other players.

I think this is a very cool feature because it gives those who don't spend money in the game an opportunity to acquire some MCoins which they can use to buy Premium Items. In return, those who spend money can easily get huge amounts of in-game gold without spending hours and hours grinding for it.

Check out the YouTube video below about Real Money Trading in The Aurora World PH. Watch it, like it, share it to your friends and subscribe to the channel.

To learn more about Real Money Trading in The Aurora World PH, please read update in the official website of The Aurora World PH.

The Aurora World PH is a free-to-play fantasy-themed MMORPG published by Massive Gaming in the Philippines.

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