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Cabal Online Gladiator Expansion Patch

Cabal Online is a sci-fi/fantasy themed massively multiplayer online roleplaying game published by Level Up in the Philippines. Last August 28, 2014, Cabal Online launched its Gladiator Expansion Patch.

Cabal Online Gladiator Expansion Patch

The Gladiator Expansion Patch introduced new features and improvements like the Merit System as well as New Costumes and Items. The Merit System will make Mission War more fun and interesting to play.

The New Costumes like the Chinese-Themed Aodai costumes will reward players with cool benefits in-game.

To help spread the word about Cabal Online's Gladiator Expansion Patch, I created a video about it and uploaded it to my YouTube channel. Please help me grow my channel by watching the YouTube video below.

By the way, I used to play Cabal Online Philippines when it was still in Open Beta. Unfortunately, I don't play the game anymore but this Gladiator Expansion Patch will surely spark the interest of the community.

Learn more about Cabal Online by going to the official Cabal Online Philippines website.

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