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ArcheAge Queue, Waited A Long Time For Nothing T_T

ArcheAge Queue is so amazingly long that it will take you almost forever just to get in the game. On the day ArcheAge was released, I spent almost or more than 12 hours downloading the game. After that, I spent a few more hours in queue waiting to get in.

When I finally got in, the server kicked me out because it went down for maintenance. Wow! What an amazing first time ArcheAge experience. I spent an entire whole day waiting to play and when I got a chance the server went down.

I had no choice but to wait another 6 hours. Fortunately, I was able to enter the game after the maintenance because the servers were not yet full at that time.

The server I entered was Inoch, created my first character and played for a while. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of logging out or exiting the game and, when I logged back in again, all the servers were back queuing players.

Because of the very long queue, I decided not to wait anymore. ArcheAge is not the only game I have installed. I'd rather created videos, write a blog post or play another game than wait for hours just to play this game. Besides, this insane amount of players will eventually fizzle out in a few days.

Are you getting long queues in ArcheAge? If you are then why not share your experience by posting a comment about it below.

Anyway, the publisher of ArcheAge, Trion Worlds, is still selling Founder's Packs but they're now called Starter's Packs. Check them out below.

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