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MapleSEA Launched A New Boss And A New Dungeon

To prepare you guys for the highly anticipated MapleSEA update - RED, MapleSEA is launching missions with a New Boss and a New Dungeon.

The new boss is called Black Bean and he is related to the cute and cuddly Pink Bean. If you are Level 70 and above then you will find Black Bean at the Gold Beach. Fighting Black Bean will prepare you against Pink Bean in future battles.

The new map is for players who are Level 200 and above. It's called Master's Road Maze Dungeon and, as the name implies, it's a maze. You will have to collect essential materials that will eventually lead you to the final boss of the dungeon.

This new dungeon is challenging but the rewards are well worth the challenge. That's why you guys should check it out.

Fun things are going to happen as MapleSEA approaches to its 9th Birthday. Just head on over to MapleSEA's Fan Page to join the fun.

To learn more about MapleSEA's upcoming events and updates simply go to

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