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Games You Can Monetize In YouTube

Hey guys! What's up! For those who don't know, YouTube is getting really strict and somewhat out of control when it comes to copyright claims and copyright strikes specially with gaming related videos. This is affecting not only a few YouTube gaming channels but thousands of YouTube gaming channels.

YouTube doesn't care if you have a big channel or a small channel, if its Content ID System finds something worth tagging in your YouTube gaming channel then it will tag it with a copyright claim or, worse, a copyright strike.

To avoid getting hit by a copyright strike or a copyright claim, make sure you have all the necessary permissions needed in publishing your gaming related video in YouTube. Make sure you're not using copyrighted music and make sure you're not uploading game trailers or game cut-scenes.

Also, make sure you are only uploading gameplay or gaming related videos of games that allow YouTube Monetization.

To help you guys know which games allow YouTube Monetization, I will list in this blog post all the games that allow YouTube Monetization (at least, the ones that I know) through YouTube's partner program. I will list the name of the games and the link to their YouTube Video Policy.

Here is the list (not arranged in any order):

War Thunder

You are free to monetize your videos via the YouTube partner program and similar programs on other video sharing sites.

Link To YouTube Video Policy:

Dragon's Prophet, DC Universe Online, EverQuest, EverQuest II, Planetside 2, etc.

You can monetize your videos through "partner programs" on sites like Twitch and YouTube.*

Link To YouTube Video Policy:

SMITE by Hi-Rez Studios

Thanks for supporting Hi-Rez Studios and you are clear to post any footage from our games with monetized ads.

Screenshot Of Permission:

RIFT by Trion Worlds

Are we okay with our games’ content being used? Are we okay with people monetizing videos?

Here, with as little legalese as possible, is our answer.


Link To Permission:

Defiance by Trion Worlds

Users may wish to participate in YouTube’s revenue sharing program by placing advertisements alongside videos of authorized Game play. Trion grants permission to participate provided that users abide by the restrictions on the advertisements set forth in detail in the updated Terms of Use.

Link To YouTube Video Policy:

Blacklight: Retribution by Zombie Studios

Zombie Studios gives permission for users to monetize their Blacklight: Retribution videos via YouTube, Twitch.TV, or other services. If you have an issue with the services, please link them to this page.

Link To YouTube Policy:

Champions Online, Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, etc. by Perfect World

This means that without our prior permission, you are not allowed to license your work based on our content to someone else for a fee, or any other form of compensation.

The only exceptions that do not require prior permission are:

-YouTube Partner Programs,,, and

Link To Video Policy:

Infinite Crisis by Turbine

Hey guys, after checking into this further, the exact rules are that you can monetize on anything from our game, but nothing outside of our game. For example, don't put movie or comic stuff into your videos, and you're good. As long as the video is explicitly stuff from our game, you're good to go for monetization. — Celestrata, Turbine Community Team,

Link To Permission:

Strife by S2Games

You can share, upload, or distribute in any way anything in regards to Strife.

Screenshot To Permission:

By the way, the games listed here are just the ones I'm currently playing. I'm going to update this list as I play new games. Please use this list to help you decide on the games you want to play and upload to YouTube.

Remember, if you're not sure or uncertain about a game's YouTube Policy then it's always better to contact the developers directly.

FTC Disclosure: This post or video contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through my links.

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