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WTFast, Got Another 30 Days Free Trial

In this post, I'm going to talk about WTFast. WTFast is a simple program helps in reducing the amount of lag I get in my favorite online games or MMO games. I'm not going to talk about how WTFast works but, after using it for almost four months, I can honestly say that it does work.

The only reason I stopped using it was because of the fact that my 30 Days Free Trial and my 90 Days Subscription had expired already.

I uninstalled WTFast last year but I recently re-installed it back again. I re-installed WTFast again because I wanted to use it with my favorite multiplayer online first-person-shooter, Blacklight: Retribution. Even though, I don't have a subscription anymore, I can still use WTFast for free for 20 minutes per session.

I re-installed WTFast and logged-in as a Trial User. To my surprise, I was greeted with a message that says "Paid BASIC  - 30 days left".

Again, my 30 Days Free Trial of WTFast had expired a long time ago. That's why seeing that I have a new 30 Days to use WTFast for FREE is definitely an amazing surprise.

Just to be clear, I didn't do any of those so called WTFast tricks that supposedly extend the 30 Days Free Trial of WTFast. No, I didn't. I just re-installed WTFast, logged-in as a Trial User and the Free 30 Days was there for me to use.

Check out the YouTube video below

Don't ask me how it happened because it just happened. If you haven't used WTFast for a while then why not try re-installing it again to see if you'll also get a fresh 30 Days Free Trial.

You can download the latest version of WTFast for free here.

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