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Get A Free Taunt In APB: Reloaded

Taunting is a cheap and easy way of annoying other players in any online game or MMO. Some players love taunting because it can mess up the focus or concentration of their enemies.

Unfortunately, taunts don't affect that much. When other players start taunting me in any online game or MMO, I just laugh at them. I also don't taunt other players because it's a waste of time and effort.

 Free APB Reloaded Taunt Emote

Speaking of taunt or taunting, I was able to get a free taunt in APB: Reloaded by simply redeeming the code below in APB: Reloaded's ARMAS Marketplace. The code is:


To redeem the free taunt emote in APB: Reloaded, simply go to APB: Reloaded's ARMAS Marketplace and login using your APB: Reloaded account. Click on the Redeem Code button, type the code in the text field, click on the big Continue button, choose the character to give the free taunt to and click on the big Redeem button. Click here to access APB: Reloaded's ARMAS Marketplace.

If successful then a message that says "Your code was successfully redeemed." will appear on your screen.

To get the free taunt in-game simply run the game, login to your account, choose the correct character (if you have more than one character) and find the nearest Mailbox. Access your Mailbox and you will find your free taunt delivered and attached in a Mail from the Admin.

Using your free taunt is easy, all you have to do is type /taunt in chat followed by pressing the Enter key and your character will immediately execute it.

The YouTube video below will give you a glimpse to how the free taunt emote in APB: Reloaded works and looks.

Again, the code to get the free taunt emote in APB: Reloaded is UWOTM8.

APB: Reloaded is a free-to-play third-person-shooter published by Gamersfirst. Another third-person-shooter that you might want to check out is Warframe. Check out Warframe here »

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