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Got A Free Sidekick In Super Hero Squad Online

I enjoyed playing Super Hero Squad Online. There was a time when I would play it everyday and have lots of fun playing it. I know that it's an online game for kids but I don't care because I want to play as my favorite Marvel Hero.

Unfortunately, I don't play Super Hero Squad Online that much anymore but I still follow it and I still get e-mail updates for it. In fact, one of the e-mail updates that I received recently mentioned something about getting a free sidekick.

 Free Sidekick In Super Hero Squad Online

To get this free sidekick, I used a special code and the code is MOONBAT. Information about this free sidekick is also posted in Super Hero Squad Online's website.

If you're playing Super Hero Squad Online and want to get a free sidekick then just redeem the above code as well. How? Just go to the website, login to your account, enter the code in the Redeem A Game Code Box, click the Redeem button and you'll find your free sidekick the next time you play the game.

Super Hero Squad Online is a browser-based free-to-play online game based on Marvel Superheroes and Villains. It's also based on a Cartoon Show. You can learn more about Super Hero Squad Online at

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