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Second Life Jousting At The Realm Of Usk

Recently, I visited another place in Second Life where Jousting Tournaments are held. The place is called the Realm Of Usk and it's a 14th century medieval themed roleplay (RP) region in Second Life.

I visited the Realm Of Usk to watch the scheduled Jousting Tournament. When I got there, the tournament had already started and there were five (5) participants.

It was my first time watching a Jousting Tournament in the Realm Of Usk and, as a visitor, I kept silent and didn't bother anyone. By the way, visitors are required to wear the Realm Of Usk Visitor's Tag. If you're visiting the Realm Of Usk then don't forget to wear it. You'll get it for FREE at the landing area.

The Jousting Tournament started and ended without any problems. At the end of the matches, a winner emerged and was rewarded with Linden Dollars. How much Linden Dollars were awarded? I don't know because I didn't bother to check for it.

I did notice one thing though. In every match, the starting signal was some kind of music or sound. The competitors  or participants in the match started jousting as soon as this particular music or sound was played. This kind of signal was not used in the Realm Of Fairport's Jousting Tournament.

Anyway, to give you a better picture of what I saw in the Jousting Tournament in the Realm Of Usk, simply watch the YouTube video below.

If you wish to learn more about the Jousting Tournaments in the Realm Of Usk then simply visit the place in Second Life (click here). If you're not yet a Second Life resident or member then sign-up for a free account today.

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