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De_Dust2, Counter-Strike Map In Assault Fire, WTF

De_Dust2, Who Doesn't Love This Freaking Map?

One of my favorite map in Counter-Strike is De_Dust2. I died more than a thousand times in this map when I was still playing Counter-Strike and that's why I can never forget it. Also, it's a very fun map to play in because it's pretty balanced.

De_Dust2 Clone, Seashore Town in Assault Fire

Well, De_Dust2 is somewhat balance because it kinda favors the Defending Team. There are points in the 2 Bomb Site areas where you can just camp and pick-off Attacking Players like flies. Of course, a very good Attacking Team will always find ways of getting through it.

De_Dust2 In Assault Fire

I installed Assault Fire just recently and I was surprised to see a Counter-Strike map in it. The name of the map is Seashore Town and it's an exact replica or copy of Counter-Strike's De_Dust2 map. The map was screaming De_Dust2 back at me.

De_Dust2 Clone, Seashore Town in Assault Fire

The last time I played a game in De_Dust2 was last year when Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was still in Beta and Free in STEAM. Unfortunately, I don't have Counter-Strike: Global Offensive installed anymore but, because of Assault Fire's Seashore Town map, I can still play on my favorite map even though it's only a copy of the original.

Assault Fire's Search And Destroy

The De_Dust2 clone, copy or whatever, Seashore Town map, is best played in Assault Fire's Search And Destroy game mode. This game mode is exactly the same as the one in Counter-Strike where the object is to eliminate every member of the rival team or Plant/Defuse the bomb in the bomb areas.

Below is a simple Assault Fire PH Montage that I created and uploaded in YouTube. The game mode is Search And Destroy and the map is Seashore Town which is an exact clone or copy of De_Dust2

Are You Playing Assault Fire?

Assault Fire is not in the same league as Planetside 2, Defiance nor Blacklight: Retribution but it can still provide players with hours of fun. It's Free-To-Play and it doesn't require a kick-ass computer to run.

To learn more about Assault Fire PH and to download the game for free, click here!

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