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Trying to Survive Zombie Lane

If you are into killing zombies then this Facebook Game is for you. Zombie Lane is a game where you get to kill zombies to survive but, unfortunately, zombies are everywhere in Zombie Lane. They have taken the entire neighborhood and, almost, everyone has been turned into zombies. Only you, your wife and a few others are alive in your neighborhood. With their help, you must do whatever you can to rid your neighborhood of this vile infestation.

Zombie Lane

Zombie Lane is pretty simple to play and the tutorial will guide you through the basics of the game which is very similar to most games in Facebook. After the tutorial, you'll be given your first missions and these missions are also very easy to do like repairing your house. The instructions are clear and the things you will need to finish the mission are just around you. The missions that I like most are those that involve killing zombies. Of course, you are free to kill zombies anytime you feel like it. You don't have to wait for a mission to start killing them.

In the few minutes I spent playing Zombie Lane, I was able to repair the house, craft an item and finished a few missions. Unfortunately, actions in Zombie Lane use Energy and when it's all used-up, you'll have to wait for a few minutes to re-charge it. You can also buy it but it will cost you some real cash. Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of spending real cash on this game. That is why I choose to just wait for my Energy to fully re-charge itself.

Zombie Lane

Actions like building, shoveling or killing zombies are done by simply clicking on the target. If you wish to kill zombies then just click on one and your character will either pummel it with a shovel or shoot it with a shotgun. The weapon you use depends on what you have in your inventory. You can easily switch from one weapon to another by clicking on the switch weapon icon.

Zombie Lane

Right now, I'm still in the early stages of the game but I'm liking it already. If you are playing Zombie Lane in Facebook then why not add me as a neighbor. My Facebook Page is Having lots of neighbors have its benefits in Zombie Lane.

Anyway, Zombie Apocalypse is upon us in Zombie Lane. Load-up those shotguns and start shooting their brains out before they can have your own brain for lunch. He he he!

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