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Ragnarok Online 2 SEA Blocks Countries Outside Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore

The good news about Ragnarok Online 2 SEA is that it will launch its Open Beta period today. The bad news is, Ragnarok Online 2 SEA will only serve players from the countries of Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. Players from other countries will have no access to the game.

Ragnarok Online 2 SEA

This piece of vital information was only announced today in the official Facebook page of Ragnarok Online 2 SEA.
However, it's with our deepest apologies that we announce we will not be able to provide the RO2 game service to players outside of our optimised countries - Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam - due to our licence agreement with the game's developer, Gravity Co., Ltd.

These aforementioned licence terms will take full effect from the start of OBT tomorrow and we deeply apologise for any inconvenience caused to players. We are extremely grateful for the support you have shown RO2 so far and we thank you again for being a part of this journey. Thank you all!
Obviously, this announcement shocked, angered, annoyed, frustrated and whatnot many expecting RO2 players. Most of them participated in the Close Beta Test and Stress Test of the game thinking that they'll get to play it when Open Beta starts.

Unfortunately, the publisher pulled a fast one on them and locked them out hours before Open Beta launches. The publisher cited license agreements with Gravity prevents it from opening access to everyone.

Obviously, the publisher is already aware of this before but it still allowed players from different countries access to the game during its Close Beta and Stress Tests. This made many players assumed that they'll still have access to the game after Close Beta.

Not informing their players beforehand was a bad move by the publisher and, now, it is feeling the effects of withholding this very important information. Affected players from other countries are voicing their complaints in RO2's official Facebook page and forums.

Anyway, Ragnarok Online 2 will come to North America and the Philippines soon. Rather than complaining about the incompetence of Asiasoft as a publisher, why not just wait for a local publisher to release Ragnarok Online 2 in your country or region.

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  1. It's rather odd that a licensing agreement would limit its market since if you can have the world, why settle for several countries but you are right, maybe it's just a matter of timing.

  2. wow, didnt know ragnarok still exists. well, im not a gamer. hope they could expand more soon to avoid this kind of issue.

  3. I thought ragnarok is not the kind of game anymore. LOL I don't play this kind of games but I am sure to those who are playing games ragnarok, this is a great news to them.

  4. I remember the days when my classmates in high school especially boys would hurry from class to the internet cafe and play ragnarok. I did not know this still exist haha. I played games like this before haven't tried this famous one yet though.

  5. If this is a good game, I'm sure it'll be all over the world in no time!

  6. ok i will wait ragnarok Online 2, i think mag eenjoy mga players ko jan :-)

  7. I am not a gamer and have no clue who are the characters :-) but I am glad that you are enjoying playing them :-)


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