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Free Trial Level Cap Reached, Star Wars: The Old Republic

Well, my regular blog, Kabalyero.Net, is currently down again, thanks SpeedySparrow, and, because of that, I'll be doing my post here in my very old Blogspot blog.

My Level 15 Sith Marauder in SWTOR
(My Level 15 Sith Marauder in SWTOR)

I've been playing SWTOR for a couple of weeks now and a couple of days ago I finally reached the Free Trial's level cap of 15. Seriously, level 15 should be very easy to reach but, because SWTOR makes me sleepy when I play it, reaching the Free Trial's level cap took longer.

The funny thing about it is, I reached the Free Trial level cap with my third character. My first character is a Jedi Knight and it's at level 14 right now. I just need one more level to get to the level cap but, for some reason, getting that last level was very, very BORING!

To break the boredom and fight off my sleepiness, I created and played another character, a smuggler but I stopped playing it at level 8 because the combat wasn't very interesting. Combat with my smuggler felt awkward and unnatural. I guess I'm just not used to shooting guns in a MMORPG.

I continued playing SWTOR with a third character, a Sith Warrior, but this time, I was able to reach level 15 with him. I don't understand it myself but playing with my Sith Warrior wasn't boring and it didn't make me feel sleepy as much. In fact, I enjoyed playing him very much and, now, I'm just waiting for the Free-To-Play launch of SWTOR so I could continue playing him again.

In the meantime, while I'm waiting for the Free-To-Play launch, I'm playing Star Wars Galaxies Pre-CU via SWGEmu instead. It's an unofficial server but it's very active with 1,000 to 2,000 people playing at the same time everyday.

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