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Kabalyero in Battle of Immortals Philippines

Battle of Immortals is a Free-To-Play Fantasy Themed MMORPG published in the Philippines by Cubizone Philippines. It is a game inspired by various Mythologies, Stories and Legends from all over the world. Currently, I have a total of three characters in Battle of Immortals Philippines and all of the are named KABALYERO.

My first character is a Male Pure STR (Strenght) Warlord named KaBaLyErO, my second character is a Female DEX (Dexterity) Warlord named Kabalyero and my third character is another Male Pure VIT (Vitality) Vanguard also named Kabalyero. Their levels, as of this writing, are 35, 40 and 42 respectively. Read the rest of the entry here »

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