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The Price of Absolute Power

How much money will you spend on a virtual item just to achieve "absolute power"? Today, I saw a post at Khan Online Philippine's Official Board selling a level 140 set for Mickos. A mobile phone number was given and out of curiousity I sent a text message to the seller offering 1,500 PHP for it. I was surprised at the reply, the price given to me was 6,000 PHP for the set.

What I did is just out of curiousity. I've been seeing a lot of these kind of offers being posted on the board and since I don't know how much these items worth in PHP, I decided to send a text message and find out and find out I did. I never realized since now that Khan's virtual items could cost or worth that much. I thought that it would only cost a few pesos and I believe that players are buying these items because if not then these type of trading would have died long ago.

Everyday, you'll see at least 1 of these posted at the board. Though the moderators are quick in closing illegal trade threads and banning forum accounts yet it doesn't discourage these players from posting their offers. Forum account banning is not enough to discourage nor stop these blackmarket/illegal traders from posting. I guess they think that they can always create a new one.

Blackmarket trading of virtual/in-game items isn't new. In fact, there are many websites that deal with this type of trading. It's big business.

I guess it all boils down to whatever makes a particular gamer/player happy. If achieving power in an online game by blackmarket trading makes them happy then who am I to stop them. It's their money, they can do whatever they want with it but always be very, very careful when engaging in this kind of transaction. There are hundreds of scammers out there and the game publisher won't and can't help you if something goes wrong.

With those warnings in mind, are you ready to buy from me now? He he he!

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