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Shop Of The Avatar

Welcome to Shop Of The Avatar!

Shroud of the Avatar Resources For Sale

• 1000 Gold Ores --► $ 8 USD (see current stock)
• 1000 Silver Ores ► $ 9 USD (see current stock)
• 1000 Iron Ores --► $ 9 USD (see current stock)
• 1000 Nickels ----► $ 10 USD (see current stock)
• 1000 Tungstens --► $ 9 USD (see current stock)

Shroud of the Avatar Houses & Basements For Sale

• Crafted Shogun Crafting Pavillion (Village Home) -► $ 8 USD
• Knight Marshall Benefactor (Village Home) --------► $ 100 USD
• Kobold Dwelling (Village Home) -------------------► $ 11 USD
• Obsidian Two-Story (Row Home) --------------------► $ 25 USD
• Ornate Shogun Crafting Pavillion (Village Home) --► $ 36 USD
• Viking Two-Story w/ Dual Balconies (Village Home) ► $ 30 USD

• Row Stone & Timber 5 Story Basement --------------► $ 28 USD

Shroud of the Avatar Artifcacts, Rares, Rewards and Add-On Store Items For Sale

• Ornate Moondial --► $ 24 USD

Shroud of the Avatar Gold

• 100,000 Game Gold --► $ 16 USD (see current stock)

How To BUY?

If you are interested in buying any of the items listed above then all you have to do is message me in the forum or send me an e-mail at

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What is Shroud of the Avatar?

Shroud of the Avatar is a fantasy role-playing game set in the world of New Brittania. It combines a single player narrative with a sandbox MMO game. Often called as a spiritual successor to the Ultima series, Shroud of the Avatar is developed by Portalarium headed by legendary game designer and developer Richard Garriott.

What are Shroud of the Avatar Items?

Shroud of the Avatar Items are items crafted, gathered, harvested, looted, rewarded or bought from the Add-On Store in the fantasy role-playing game, Shroud of the Avatar. They are sold and traded by Avatars to other Avatars and to the local residents of New Brittania.

What is Shroud of the Avatar Gold or Game Gold?

Shroud of the Avatar Gold or Shroud of the Avatar Game Gold is the name of the in-game currency. It's acquired from looting monsters and trading with NPCs and other Avatars in New Britannia. If it's available then you can safely buy Shroud of the Avatar Gold from me, Kabalyero.

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