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Tint n' Ink, Highspeed Paint Sh••ting Game

Tint n' Ink, Highspeed Paint Sh••ting Game

A new First Person Shooter was released today in STEAM and it's called Tint 'n Ink. According to the e-mail that I received, Tint 'n Ink was described as "a fast-paced time survival, top-down auto-shooter" and I became a little bit confused.

If Tint 'n Ink was a top-down auto-shooter then how is it a first person shooting game? It was also described as an auto-shooter, does it mean that shooting in the game is automatic?

Anyway, these are just questions by someone who never played the game and, to answer these questions, the best thing to do is try the game which is currently free in Steam.

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