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WTFast Advanced, Pay With Cherry Credits, Connection Chaining

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WTFast Advanced, if you think WTFast Free Basic is great then you have seen nothing yet. Now you can upgraed to WTFast Advanced with Cherry Credits.

WTFast Advanced, Pay With Cherry Credits, Connection Chaining

WTFast Advanced has additional features not available to WTFast Free Basic and one of the features that I like most is Connection Chaining.

This feature connects you through a series of servers to ensure that you get the best connection for your game. I should know because I used it when I was still an Advanced or Premium User.

I'm back to being a Free Basic User but, when I was still an Advanced or Premium User, it was one of the features that I used a lot.

We all know that WTFast Advanced is not free. It will cost you a few dollars a month and if you don't want to pay with real money then why not pay with Cherry Credits.

Yes, WTFast now accepts Cherry Credits for payments. If you regularly buy Cherry Credits to use on games like Dragon Nest and others then, now, you can use the same Cherry Credits to upgrade your WTFast account to WTFast Advanced.

Just login to your free WTFast account and choose Cherry Credits are your mode payment when upgrading or subscribing to WTFast Advanced.

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